Sunday, May 17, 2009

Skills needed for a trainer to be good

There is a wrong assumption that good trainers are the ones who have expertise in the area they are training. I think having expertise in area you are training is important , but it is not the only skill that will make you a good trainer. A good trainer should also have these following skills,

- Facilitation skills :
The trainer should help learning to take place by creating a safe environment for trainees that encourages the learning process.

- Presentation skills :
The trainer should be organizing and presenting information and activities that will reinforce the learning process.

- Motivation skills:
The trainer should encourage and motivate trainees to learn and participate in training.

- Evaluation skills:
The trainer should be able to check to see if learning has taken place.

Yes expertise in area a trainer is training is important, but that will not alone will make he/she a good trainer. A trainer to be good will also need the skills I have mentioned above.

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