Monday, January 16, 2006

Look Ma! I work 80 hrs/week

Having worked in IT for some years, I still do not understand why some developers work more than 40 hrs/week.

Is it because, those developers

  • love developing that 40 hrs/ week is not enough
  • like to brag that they work more than others
  • want to impress the management team
  • are incompetent that they need more than 40 hrs/week to finish their job

I have no idea.

Anyways ,if you think that working more than 40hrs/week is a good thing, does it mean developers working only 40hrs/week are bad?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Common Language

When writing stories, more time is spend in avoiding words that are ambiguous (ex: “ball”). I feel it is fine as far as everyone in the team interprets “ball” as “football’ instead of some interpreting it as “basketball” and some as “baseball”.
So instead of spending more time in refining stories, teams should spend time in setting up a common language within a team.