Sunday, May 24, 2009

Like movies, your presentations need Editors

Cleaning up your presentation is not that different from editing a feature film. As a director wants her films crisp and clear, you want your presentations to be crisp and clear. In movie industry, they say that director and editor roles should be done by different people. The reason is, for director when she looks at a scene she thinks the hardship that is gone in shooting that scene more than whether that scene is moving the story or not. No wonder Director's Cut is so boring. When an editor looks at the same scene she does not care how much effort has gone to shoot that scene. Editor cares only whether that scene is moving the story along or not. So next time when you are done with your presentation share it with an another person and ask her to edit it. Don't mind if she deletes a slide that took you 30 minutes to put it. Believe me your presentation will be more crisp and clear at the end.

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