Saturday, May 16, 2009

Random Thoughts about Retrospectives

  • Retrospectives are there to surface problems not to analyze root cause of a problem.
  • Retrospectives should end with action items.
  • Each Action Item should have an Owner.


Jason Yip said...

It's better to deal with problems as they occur which means we want to create an environment where we can see problems when they occur.

Actions over Action Items

Otherwise, I agree. Need to be much more explicit that the problem was only surfaced, not analysed, nor dealt with.

Siva Jagadeesan said...

I agree with you Jason, "Actions over Action Items". For every action item we should have an owner. The owner does not have to do that action necessarily, rather he/she should be responsible for that action item. The owner has to make sure that action item is acted upon.

Geethan said...

But, won't we discuss the root cause of the problem, for coming up with the action items?? Just wondering.

Siva Jagadeesan said...

Action items do not have to solve a problem. Finding the root cause of a problem could be an action item.