Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tips for on-boarding new hires in your company

On-boarding new hire to your company is a very important task. Every company needs to have a proper on-boarding strategy. I thought I will share some of good tips that I heard from different people for on-boarding new member to your company.

1) Buddy program: When someone joins your company assign them a buddy. The new person will know that they have someone whom they can ask questions and clarify their doubts.

2) Introduce recent hires to new hires. Recent hires will know what it was to be a new person in a company. They can help new hires in coping up with stress and also guide them.

3) Ask new hires to finish small measurable tasks. This will help you understand new hire's working style. As task could be measured you can give them feedback and guidance to them to finish that task. When they finish a task, their morale will also increase. They will feel a sense of accomplishing something.

4) Socials events. This will ease them and allow them to make friends in company.

5) Have a Mentor program . More than a buddy you also need to assign a mentor. Mentor will help them understand their goals and what they are looking for in this company. Mentor can also help them with their career and goal settings.

6) Weekly feedback sessions - Let them know how they are doing and what they can do differently. Look at my previous post  to see how to give and receive feedback. Feedbacks are very useful as they will give new hires where they going and how they are doing exactly. They will also know what is expected out of them in their company.

These tips could be used for on-boarding new member to your team.

Please share your tips on on-boarding new hires.

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