Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Team Development

Tuckman stages of team development is very simple and could be used for building and developing teams. It could also be used for analyzing the current behavior of teams. Knowing these stages will help PMs in creating awesome team.

The stages of Team Development:
  1. Forming : This is team initiation stage. PMs should bring their team members together. Make sure everyone understands the goal of their team. Should create a safety environment for team members to try new things without worrying about failing. It will be helpful if PMs share Tuckman stages to their team. PMs are Directors in this stage. 
  2. Storming : In this stage various personalities in team compete. PMs should not panic and change team members when their teams are in this stage. Instead PMs should coach(regular one on ones) to increase tolerance of each team member and emphasize their differences. PMs are Coaches in this stage.
  3. Norming : In this stage teams solve problems on their own and achieve harmony. PMs are Participant in this stage.
  4. Performing : In this stage team is performing as a unit. Teams will be more productive. PMs should allow their teams to make their own decisions. PMs are Delegators in this stage.
  5. Adjourning : Goal is achieved and team is disassembled. 


Pat Kua said...

Nice post. I like using Tuckman's model and believe it's more useful for more than just a PM. Even as a team member, it's useful to recognise the characteristics of the group you've joined and whether or not they are progressing.

Siva Jagadeesan said...

Yes Pat, you are correct Tuckman's model could be used by anyone.

I am writing another post that will show how a team member can use Tuckman's model.