Monday, March 31, 2008

Hope and Change

Enterprises are comfortable to use Java or C# as there are corporate backings for these languages. But for ruby there are no corporations backing it up. In this case, I was not sure how successfully Ruby will become in enterprises. I do not think a big health care system will be implemented using Ruby in near future. I really wanted to see Ruby become more mainstream, so we can build applications that have more impact on people's life rather than just social network site. That is why I wrote my previous blog "Who is responsible for Ruby?" to get an idea of what others think.

After talking to some of my friends and thinking over this weekend, I feel Ruby will soon become mainstream. Enterprises will start using ruby. But I think this change will not come in a traditional way. This change won't happen because some big corporation started backing up ruby. I think this change will happen because of Ruby community. Eventually enterprises have to start using ruby because of its wonderful developer community otherwise they will be left out.

To sum it up,
"Ruby is a grassroots movement to change Enterprises"

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